Was King Arthur Dalmatian?

grob kralja arthura u Podstrani?Did you know that Lucius Artorius Castus, a general of the Roman army who lived and died in Podstrana, outside of Split, and fought in Britain is thought by historians to have served as a real-life model for the legendary King Arthur? We didn’t either – but locals of Igrane, a coastal village some 80 km south of Split, embraced the theory wholeheartedly and launched “King Arthur’s Night” – a colorful themed event with historic re-enactments of scenes from Arthurian legends and staged battles between Roman legionnaires and pirates who once roamed the south Adriatic. The scenes are staged by dozens of costumed local volunteers and fun-loving tourists (that could be you!), who all take part in the action and give away delicious fish, olives and homemade wine to curious visitors for free. Be sure to visit this year’s all-day event, scheduled for August 1, for your portions of playful history, free wine and seafood.


Was King Arthur Dalmatian?

Written by: David Spaic-Kovacic
Source: LikeCroatia.hr

Was King Arthur Dalmatian?

The festivities are organized by the Igrane tourist office (tel.+385 21 627801).

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